This document (Personal data protection) specifies the way information and data provided by you is handled in order to ensure the most effective form of using our products and service made available online (via our website and a mobile platform).

Your personal data and information provided by you (either through our websites, mobile platform or via any other form), or gained by other modes, will be processed for the purposes specified in this section (Personal data protection).  The collecting and processing of your personal data is executed in compliance with valid legislation, particularly with the Act No. 18/2018 Z.z. on Personal Data Protection as amended, or another regulation, e.g., General Data Protection Regulation (hereby as ´GDPR´).


  1. Who is the Controller of personal data?

The Controller of personal data is the company Kaktus Group, s.r.o, established in Slovakia having its office in  Bottova 1316/76, 01841 Dubnica nad Váhom, Slovak Republic, registered in Business register of District Court Trenčín, section Sro. , file number 35761/R, IČO (Organisation number): 51 255 910 (hereby as “Kaktus“ or “we“)


  1. Which personal information on you do we gain access to? For which purpose and for how long?

Processing of your personal data is limited to the range of services provided by our company, or to other processing purposes, namely the following:

2.1 Our products and services are provided via our websites or mobile apps; however using our products & services requires your registration. Your data shall be thus processed for the registration purposes including the following: your name, surname, date of birth, permanent and temporary address, email address, telephone number, email address and your photo. The legal grounds for such processing is performance of contract (e.g. provision of local tours on your part) in which you represent one contractual party.

Your personal data shall be processed during the validity of this contractual relationship.

You are thereby granting our company the permission to process your personal data.

2.2 You may be contacted by us through an email, or phone in order to promote our products and services even without Your prior granting of your consent. However, you may refuse receiving such promotional advertisements at all times. Electronic contact details regarding you shall be processed for this purpose only during the validity of the contractual relationship providing you will not reject such form of e-communication.

2.3 With a view to sending you the marketing information regarding our products and services, processing of your personal data may be restricted to your name, surname, date of birth, permanent and temporary address, telephone number, email address, your photo, telephone number, IP address, cookies, our website and mobile app traffic data, behavioural data, etc. This processing is based on Your consent granted to us in the registration process. Your personal data shall be processed during the effectiveness of this consent.

2.4. In order to check technical operation of our websites and mobile applications, we may use cookies. Cookies are short text files embedded in your computer by server upon loading of the websites or the mobile application.

The legal grounds for such processing is the performance of contract (e.g. provision of our service).

Personal data shall be processed and stored only for the period necessary to ensure correct technical operation of websites and applications (that is for the period of several days, or weeks, or if necessary, during the whole course of the effectiveness of contractual relationship).

2.5 Apart from the above stated, we are obliged to process and store Your personal data limited to the following information: your name, surname, telephone number, email address and email address in order to process your possible inquiries or future complaints.

This type of processing results from our legitimate interest or legitimate interest of the third party. Personal data shall be processed during the period necessary to perform this purpose; however, processing shall not last longer than the period of 10 years from the commencement date of the statutory limitation period in each and every case.  


  1. Who are we sharing your personal data with?

Your personal data might be made available to third parties providing us with administrative or technical support, i.e. the Data Processor. Your personal data may be shared with, e.g., providers of payment service, with authorities and bodies of state administration, with outsourced partners or other persons who are bound by the non-disclosure clause.  

Your personal data are accessible only to a limited number of our employees.

These employees are obliged to deem Your personal data, as well as the information on measures introduced in order to protect such data, as strictly confidential. Third parties are entitled to process your personal data only upon our explicit request.


  1. What are your rights regarding processing of Your personal data?

In case you grant us your consent to process Your personal data, you are doing it so freely, and you have the right to revoke this consent at all times. If Your personal data are processed for the purpose of direct marketing (including profiling), or based on the legitimate interest, you also have the right to file an objection to such processing at any time.   

Your other rights include: the right to access Your personal data, the right to have the data corrected or deleted, the right to restrict such data processing, the right to data export and the right to file a complaint with the company Kaktus as the Controller, at the Office for Personal Data Protection.


  1. How long do we process Your personal data?

Your personal data are processed only for the period necessary for performing of specific types of processing, i.e. generally for the period of satisfying contractual relationship, or for the period expressly required by valid legal regulations. In case we are granted a permission to process Your personal data, your personal data shall be processed only until your consent is valid and you may revoke your consent any time.  

If you do so, we shall discontinue processing your personal data for the purposes specified in your previously granted consent.  


  1. How do we use social networks?

Our websites may contain social media, or mobile application functionalities, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. These functionalities may collect certain types of information on visitors of our websites, e.g.  IP address or their viewing history, and might implement cookies to browsers of our visitors. Please be advised that processing of stored data follows the regulations adopted by controllers of social networks, and thus the provision of Personal Data Protection shall not become applicable to the aforestated purposes.


  1. Changes in personal data processing

You shall be notified about any alterations which may be executed in the future as part of amendments in the Provision on Personal Data Protection via agreed communication means.

However, we highly recommend that you check the wording of the respective Provision on Personal Data Protection on a regular basis.

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