Kaktus Guru FAQ

Can the Tour be canceled before it starts?

Yes, both Tourist and a Kaktus Guru can cancel the Tour anytime before it starts.

How can I officially start the Tour?

When you meet with the Tourist, hit the START button - after the Tourist does the same, the Tour will officially start. Please note that you as a Kaktus Guru have to hit the START button first.

When and who can end the Tour after it starts?

The Tour can be ended anytime by the Tourist.

How is a Tour fee calculated?

Tourist pays for the every started hour of the Tour. For example, your hourly rate is 10€ and a Tour is scheduled to last 3 hours. Then Tourist ends it after an hour and a half - that means Tourist will pay only for 2 hours which is 20€.

How much money do I earn from a Tour?

You’ll keep 70% from all your earnings. The remaining 30% is our service fee that will be used to keep the app running

What is a Free Tour?

You can choose to do a Tour for free. In this case Tourist will have a chance to tip you via PayPal after the Tour is finished and Tourist is satisfied. The tip isn't mandatory though - it's up to a Tourist to decide whether he/she'll send you a tip or not. Tips aren't subject to our 30% service fee, so you'll keep the whole amount.

In what cases can a Tourist ask for a refund?

If a Tourist believes there was a serious problem with the Tour - for example the Tour wasn't provided as described, you suddenly ended the Tour before the started hour was up and so on.

What is the process after Tourist asks for a refund?

We'll contact you via email to provide us with your side of the story to decide whether the refund request is legitimate or not. You always have 72 hours to reply to our request - if you don't, it will be deemed as you've acknowledged your mistake and the money will be automatically refunded to the Tourist.

How can I withdraw earned money?

You will receive a link to withdraw your money via TransferWise on your email. Monthly payouts will be distributed 15 days from the end of the month. For example, revenue earned in April will payed out to you on May 15th. You have 7 days from the time you receive this email with a valid link to withdraw the earned revenue. After 7 days the link will become invalid. If you want to withdraw your revenue after this period, please contact us.

How can I see the exact amount of money I've earned?

Too see the exact revenue just switch to the EURO currency. If you have other currency selected, the amount you see is just indicative and is calculated based on the current exchange rate.

What maximum hourly rate can I set?

The maximum hourly rate is 50€ or an equivalent of 50€ in other currency.

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