Kaktus Tourist FAQ

What payment cards do you accept?

We accept VISA, VISA Electron, VISA Debit, VPay, MasterCard and Maestro.

What is a Free Tour?

Kaktus Guru can choose to make a Tour for free. In this case you will have a chance to tip the Kaktus Guru after the Tour is finished and you're satisfied. The tip isn't mandatory though - it's up to you

Can the Tour be canceled before it starts?

Yes, both Tourist and a Kaktus Guru can cancel the Tour anytime before it starts

How can I officially start the Tour?

Kaktus Guru has to tap the START button first, after that the START button appears on your side. When you tap the START button too, the Tour will officially start.

When and who can end the Tour after it starts?

You as a Tourist can end the Tour anytime.

How is a Tour fee calculated?

You pay for the every started hour of the Tour. For example, Kaktus Guru's hourly rate is 10€ and a Tour is scheduled to last 3 hours. Then you end it after an hour and a half - that means you will pay only for 2 hours which is 20€.

What if a Kaktus Guru doesn't show up or doesn't start the Tour?

In that case please send us an email with the details about the Kaktus Guru

When do I pay for a Tour?

Your card will be automatically charged after the Tour ends

In what cases can I ask for a refund?

If you believe there was a serious problem with the Tour - for example the Tour wasn't provided as described, you suddenly ended the Tour before the started hour was up and so on.

What is the process after I ask for a refund?

We'll contact you via email to provide us with more details if needed. We'll also contact Kaktus Guru to provide us with his/her side of the story so we can decide whether the refund request is legitimate or not. Kaktus Guru will then have 72 hours to reply to our request - if he/she doesn't, it will be deemed as he/she's acknowledged his/her mistake and the money will be automatically refunded to you.

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